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CALL 2021:

Proposte per circa €7,0 Mld.

Richieste per circa €14,46 Mld.

Decisioni CEF 2021: Importo non calcolato (N.d.R.)

Tra le Decisioni troviamo il finanziamento di €9,888 Mln. per la Progettazione della linea Avigliana-Orbassano

Fonte CINEA - Lyon-Turin Base Tunnel Access: Preliminary and Final Designs of the Avigliana-Orbassano Line

Objective – The Action is part of the global project located on the pre-identified cross-border section ‘Lyon-Torino’ on the Mediterranean Core Network Corridor.

It aims to carry out the Final design (Work Package 1) of the new rail access route section from the Orbassano Freight Yard to the municipality of Avigliana in Italy, that will continue afterwards to the Turin-Lyon Base Tunnel.

The Action will ensure the connection of the new railway line to the Orbassano core rail-road terminal and will increase the capacity of the Turin node by improving the articulation between the long-distance and local traffic.

The Avigliana-Orbassano new railway line, will have an overall length of approximately 24 km. It will upgrade the freight yard tracks in Orbassano to provide the entrance for the new tracks for the new railway line.

The new line foresees a tunnel under the Morainic Hill between Avigliana and Orbassano (approximately 14 km), followed by an artificial tunnel section (of approximately 3 km) and by an uncovered section dedicated to the entrance and crossing of the Orbassano freight yard located in the rail-road terminal.

Then, the new line will join the existing access line to the TEN-T Core Urban Node of Turin. In the long term, the Action is expected to enhance modal-shift from road to rail and interoperability in the rail system. As a result, it will decrease the GHG emissions, road congestion and road accidents.

Moreover, it will reduce the noise disturbance by removing rail freight traffic from inhabited urban and suburban areas between the municipalities of Orbassano and Avigliana. (Sic, N.d.R.)

The new railway line is expected to boost international competition by offering a quicker, more cost-effective transportation mode with higher service quality between Italy and France. The Action is linked to the ongoing CEF-T Action 2014-EU-TM-0401-M “Cross-border Section of the New Lyon-Turin Rail Link Mont Cenis Base Tunnel (TBM)”.