The aim of WIKA – Volunteer Translators Group is to bring together all those who want to contribute to translate texts into different languages for the Forums against Unnecessary and Imposed Mega Projects (2011 in Italy, 2012 in France, 2013 in Germany, 2014 in Romania, 2015 in Italy, 2016 in France).

WIKA welcomes all those who want to help. More info:

Joining the list of WIKA Group means to accept the following guiding principle:

“The collaboration is on a voluntary basis, no payment will be requested by the translator; WIKA – Volunteer Translators Group, in turn, will never cash in any translation fees”.

If anyone of the Volunteer Translators does not intend to be part of this group or wants to be cancelled, in any moment he/she should send back the message :


His/Her name will be cancelled, but he/she won’t have the possibility to ask translations directly to the group through this list anymore.

Alternatively, to unsubscribe from this group and stop receiving emails from it, send an email to

For more options, visit

To be included in the WIKA – Volunteer Translators Group mailing list, new volunteers should send a short e-mail to confirming their interest to collaborate and specifying their languages, how they came to know about WIKA and possibly the nameof their association.


volunteer translators

translations – traducciones – traductions – traduzioni

traduçoes – traduções – Übersetzungen – çevirilerترجمات 

 Group of Volunteer Translators of Forum against Unnecessary and Imposed Mega Projects

Grupo de Tradutores Voluntários do Foro contra las Grandes Obras Inútiles e Impuestas

Groupe de Traducteurs Bénévoles du Forum contre le Grands Projets Inutiles et Imposés

Gruppo di Traduttori Volontari del Forum contro le Grandi Opere Inutili e Imposte

Grupode Traductores VoluntariosFórum contra as Grandes Obras Inúteis e Impostas

Gruppe von freiwilligen Übersetzern Forum gegen unnütze und aufgezwungene Großprojekte

WIKA, Filipino word, means : language, idioma, langue, lingua, linguagem, Sprache

This Egyptian ideogram  means : book, libro, livre, libro, livro, Buch