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One of the best known cases of struggle for the commons in Italy, characterized by bitter controversies over the last 20 years, is the popular opposition to the construction of the High Speed Railway line (HSR, “TAV” in Italian) between Turin and Lyon, designed to cross the Susa Valley (at the Italian-French border) and the Alps.

This HSR project still carries, in spite of twenty years of continuous updating and reworking, a great deal of unsolved environmental and economic issues. An issue of insufficient cost-benefit balance has recently come to clear evidence, especially in view of the non-negligible passenger and freight traffic decrease along the Turin-Lyon direction.

The most important aspects dealing with economic costs and claimed benefits, energetic considerations, legal constraints, environmental impact, health impact potential, and the negative experience of other projects, are discussed: they all suggest that the High-Speed Train Turin-Lyon is not a priority for Italy and France, and its construction should be immediately stopped.

L.Giunti1, L.Mercalli2, A.Poggio3, M. Ponti4, A. Tartaglia3, S.Ulgiati5, M. Zucchetti3,61
1 HSR Technical Committee of CMVSS (see note 1)
2 SMI – Italian Metheorological Society
3 Politecnico di Torino (Italy)
4 Politecnico di Milano (Italy)
5 Parthenope University, Naples (Italy)
6 UCLA (Los Angeles, USA)
Received June, 2012; Accepted October, 2012